Commercial & Residential Real Estate Brokerage

We save Builders, Developers & Investors Millions of dollars

Homedin Real Estate is a Military Veteran owned Real Estate Brokerage that encourages the building and development of communities in Pennsylvania. For this reason we provide full Brokerage services to Builders & Investors at HALF the price of other Brokers.



Pricing: Due at closing

- 1.5% of base price if you sign a 1-15 property contract

- 1% of base price if you sign a 20 plus property contract


Services Included

- Properties listed on Mls, Zillow, Trulia, and more

- We communicate with buyers for you

- We market the properties on social media platforms

- Host events and Open-houses. 

- Conduct closing & negotiations 

- Attend inspections

- We can also put together packages specifically to match your needs

- We’re available to work on site at the model home or office (this option is for 20+ contracts only)

We do understand that builders like to keep their expenses low and we offer very affordable options. We charge less than other real estate firms and we offer more services.


1.)How long will it take to have my properties listed after signing contract?
We list all properties within 24 hours of receiving signed contract
2.) Why do you charge less than other Brokers?
We support and encourage building up communities and neighborhoods and want to be a part of  the process
3.)What is Buyer Broker Commission?
Buyer broker commission is what you agree to pay the buyer broker for them bringing you a qualified buyer. You can choose between a flat referral fee  or up to 3% . We offer full service and we help builders save tons of money .

4.)What if I need additional services that are not listed here?
We can customize a package to fit your needs. Please reach out to us to get started.

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